What you will LEARN and SEE on this Book

  • Importance of TeamWork

    The book wants to convey a very important message, the importance of teamwork to achieve any goal in life..

    "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"

  • Encourage kids to read and develop their creativity

    Children's literature is aimed at artistic, creative and playful enjoyment of children.

  • Teach values about family and friendship

    Children's literature is a powerful educational tool as a source of transmission of values. These books seek to promote the importance of family, friendship and love.

  • New Technologies applied to Physical Stuff

    The Augmented Reality book ARBI together with the Android and iOS application for Smartphone and Tablets, is ideal for joining the physical and virtual world in a way never seen before.

  • A Different way to Read Stories to Kids

    Enjoy telling a great story to the smallers ones in an innovative way.

  • Awesome Story and Colored Pictures

    An amazing history and fully colored pages.

    Enjoy the magnificient illustrations and incredible story full of challenges and excitement.

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Enjoy the book with family and friends

Download the application to your Smartphone or Tablet and have a great time with your family and friends watching how the characters get out from the book and come to the real life.

  • DOWNLOAD the Augmented Reality App ARBI to your Device
  • Press PLAY and point to the images on the book
  • ENJOY! :D
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Ready on your favorite device!

The Augmented Reality (AR) ARBI application is available on Android and iOS devices and you can download from Google Play and coming soon for iOS Devices on Apple Store.

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Want to see a short Demo?

Follow these steps:

  • DOWNLOAD The Augmented Reality App ARBI to your Smartphone o Tablet device from Google Play o AppStore
  • ACCESS to this webpage from another device (e.g Laptop or PC)
  • Press PLAY and POINT to the following image with your Smartphone or Tablet
  • CHECK how the characters come out from the screen and come to the real LIFE!
  • This and much more on the ARBI AR Book

ARBI AR BOOK Coming Soon

A word from the Author

Iker Burguera was born in Legazpi, a small town located in the Basque Country in 1986. He has been interested in Electronics and Engineering since childhood and soon became interested in programming. He holds a degree in Telecommunication Engineering at Mondragon University and a Master Thesis in Linköping University, Sweden.

As a passionate of Electronics and Open Source movement, teaches and contributes to Arduino and Raspberry Pi community. He specializes on Project Management, Electronics and Software Development.

He loves new challenges and enjoys his free time biking with friends and creating and developing new technology stuff.

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